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What type of firm are you?

Veritas Administrators is a national third party administrator and specialty claims management firm. Our customizable services enable insurance carriers, MGA, captives, program administrators and self-insureds to quickly and seamlessly extend their claims capacity with no loss of quality or expertise.

What lines of service do you specialize in?

Workers Compensation, Transportation and General Liability including high severity bodily injury, assault, employee dishonesty, premises liability, animal attacks, product liability, property damage, youth & elderly abuse, vehicle liability, trucking accidents, heavy equipment, specialty equipment, cargo, SIU investigations, run-off projects and subrogation.

What is your geographical coverage area?

Many of our clients have losses in many states throughout the country.  Our national reach extends to all 50 states and parts of Canada.  As a firm and individually with our adjusters, appraisers and investigators we are diligent to remain in compliance with all state licensing. 

What makes you different than other TPA's?

Many of our clients have come to us because their previous TPA provided poor communication, below average investigations and changed the dedicated unit of adjuster all too frequent.  Simply, they weren't a priority to their TPA and wanted to be the "big fish" in the TPA pond.  Here at Veritas we work to provide a customized service based on your needs, communicate effectively, develop relationships built on trust in our dedicated and experienced adjusters, and work smart to provide positive claim solutions to give you that big fish feeling.

Do I need a contract with Veritas to begin utilizing your claim services?

If your choosing to partner with us for our full TPA services then a contract will be required to adhere to national and state compliance.  However, any other portions of our adjusting services require no contract to begin handling your losses.

Can you describe your RMIS system and does it meet federal compliance standards?

Our system, ClaimPilot by QISS is a web-based claims management system that allows us to manage all of your claim files, your risk management as well as our organization.   We can create reports based on meaningful analytics in a variety of formats based on your selections. Customized reporting gives you endless resources at your fingertips. Reports can be conveniently run on a schedule and sent to anyone at any time.  Further, we can interface with most third parties for electronic data exchange.  QISS has completed an SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2 audit.  The QISS system can comply with our clients SSAE 16 requirements.   

How do I submit a claim to Veritas?

The easiest way is at our online submission portal at

You can also submit a new claim via email at

Workers Compensation

Can Veritas really handle Workers Compensation claims throughout the country and be aware of rules and filing requirements in each jurisdiction?

Yes, actually we have a long history of handling workers compensation losses in all states (except the monopolistic states of North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming).  This is made possible by our experienced and dedicated teams of senior claim specialist with decades of expertise in various jurisdictions.  With that, our operations staff ensures that our adjusters maintain continuing education and licensing compliance within each state’s specific regulations.

Does Veritas unbundle your claims services?

Yes.  Whether it’s our full TPA, adjusting only or ancillary services we offer the full range of claim services for organizations seeking a “turn-key” solution and also offer these services individually.

How does Veritas price your workers compensation claims services?

We customize our pricing options to fit your needs.  There are three pricing structures to choose from: Time & Expense, Tiered Pricing, and Percentage of Total Direct Written Premium.

Can you help us with identifying fraudulent workers compensation claims?

Veritas is focused on early detection of fraud. We employ an extremely robust red flags checklist often times even tailored to a specific customer's situation. We rely on insight from the employer in the initial claim contact to identify any questionable aspects. With any suspicions, we employ the full force of our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to progressively use Internet check, background check, activity check, and surveillance to find actual evidence and to deny claims accordingly.

Do we have experience with open legacy claims?

Yes.  In fact, we’ve developed a service called ClaimStop which is a consultative and systematic approach for the accelerated closure of legacy claims, providing immediate savings in reduced open reserves.  We employ disruptive tactics and strategy on all claims to break the status-quo churning and focus on closure. We engage all parties to the process: adjuster, legal counsel, medical providers, nurse, etc. We maintain an estimated closure date target and plan of action on all claims.  

General Liability


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