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What type of firm are you?

Veritas Administrators is a national claims management firm and the foremost expert in all things heavy equipment transportation in North America.  Our customizable services enable insurance carriers, MGAs, TPA's, captives, program administrators, and self-insureds to quickly and seamlessly extend their claims capacity with no loss of quality or expertise.

What lines of service do you specialize in?

Workers Compensation, Towing Negotiation & Recovery, Transportation, Property, and General Liabilityincluding heavy equipment appraisals, cargo, towing & storage resolution, general liability, high severity bodily injury, premises liability, product liability, property damage, vehicle liability, trucking accidents, and specialty equipment. 

What is your geographical coverage area?

Many of our clients have losses in multiple states throughout the country.  Our national reach extends to all 50 states and parts of Canada.  At every level of our organization, we are diligent to remain in compliance with all state licensing. 

Do I need a contract with Veritas to begin utilizing your claim services?

If your choosing to partner with us for our full TPA services then a contract will be required to adhere to national and state compliance.  However, any other portions of our adjusting services require no contract to begin handling your losses.

Can you describe your claim system and does it meet federal compliance standards?

Our system, ClaimPilot by QISS, is a web-based claims management system that allows us to easily navigate and manage all of your files. We can create customized reports based on in-depth analytics in a variety of formats. Reports can be conveniently run on a schedule and sent to anyone at any time.  Furthermore, we can interface with most third parties for electronic data exchange.  QISS has completed an SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2 audit.  The QISS system can comply with our clients SSAE 16 requirements.   

How do I submit a claim to Veritas?

The easiest way is at our online submission portal at and click on "submit a claim".  

You can also submit a new claim via email at

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