Boasting decades of industry experience, our Towing & Storage Resolution Team excels at lowering and resolving our clients' towing and storage bills. By communicating with third-party carriers, properly allocating costs, checking jurisdictional regulations, and remitting immediate payment, the experts at Veritas quickly and effectively resolve towing issues, saving both time and money. Working with our team, clients experience a hands-on, personalized touch via our proven resolution process:

  • Reduces costly towing & storage invoices
  • Provides full breakout analysis of all T&S invoice fees
  • Identifies coverage available to tractor, trailer, cargo, hazmat, and liability
  • Communicates with third-party carriers to untangle and allocate T&S costs
  • Arranges moving of vehicles / salvage

Towing & Storage Resolution Services Brochure

Towing and Storage Resolution Brochure


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