Our Transportation Claim Services Include:


Veritas Administrators specializes in the entire segment of heavy equipment claims from tractors/trailers, cargo, cranes and large construction equipment to vehicle accidents, marine, and rail transportation. These very specific areas of the heavy equipment market bring their own specific set of challenges during claims adjusting processes, whether be from theft, damage or natural disaster.



The Veritas team is skilled and experienced in dealing with transportation claims – from the immediacy of getting an adjuster on-site to dealing with the next steps of the process: the investigation, replacement transportation needs, related worker’s compensation issues, any resulting chemical or material cleanup needed, and more.

Full-Service Claim Handling

As one of our core competencies, we provide full-service claim handling for Transportation and Heavy Equipment Claims:

  • Liability Investigation

  • Scene Investigation

  • Recorded Statements

  • Record Retrieval of Public Documents

  • Bodily Injury Investigation

  • Repair Shop Management - appraisals, estimates, negotiation, towing & billing, storage, settlement, and litigation


Heavy Equipment and Auto Appraisers

To provide our customers with a high quality of service they expect, we do not mix and match our appraisers that has become a common practice with other TPAs.

Our heavy equipment appraisers are highly trained and experienced heavy equipment appraisers. 

We keep our passenger auto appraisers focused on commercial auto claims that require their own levels of experience and expertise.

Full-Service Tractor-Trailer Property Handling Package

claim handling

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Heavy Equipment Appraisers

We cannot stress enough the importance of having highly trained and experienced heavy equipment appraisers.  Their knowledge and experience are essential in reducing claim dollars and getting drivers back on the road quickly; after all, it’s your professional credibility on the line.

In recent years, it’s become more and more difficult to find good heavy equipment appraisers in North America to assist with tractor-trailer losses.  We recognize this trend in the industry and continue to build our team of experienced heavy equipment appraisers, providing a high-quality service for our customers.

Heavy Equipment Appraiser

Transportation Resources

Transportation Logistics Handling Brochure

Transportation Logistics Brochure


 Heavy Equipment Handling Brochure

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