Heavy Equipment Appraisals: Who prepares them and why that's important

Posted by Veritas Administrators on Apr 12, 2022 1:32:12 PM
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Simply put, heavy equipment appraisals are unbiased assessments of the value of a piece of heavy equipment, ranging from standard tractor-trailers to the most complex of machinery.  Let’s just take a tractor-trailer for example.  When involved in an accident, a tractor-trailer needs to be appropriately evaluated; meticulously reviewed for any signs of damage.  

The professional best suited to do this work, a heavy equipment appraiser, is a special breed with a high degree of expertise. Understanding the many intricacies of all the equipment and potential damage involved takes years of practice.  An experienced heavy equipment appraiser will expertly identify the damage, create or review an estimate, and decide if replacement part(s) and/or part repairs are required.  

But a car and a truck are pretty similar, right? Surely someone capable of estimating a 4-door sedan can produce a competent tractor-trailer estimate. They cannot, and in fact, it can be dangerous if they try.  What may seem like a good idea, enlisting an auto appraiser to do the job, will end up costing more in supplements and repairs, not to mention the added danger of driving what may be an insufficiently repaired vehicle.  The plain fact of it all is that an auto appraiser does not possess the knowledge or skills needed to properly access heavy equipment damage.

Time is money, right?  The longer the tractor-trailer is sidelined, the more money the driver and company are losing.  Relying on an experienced heavy equipment appraiser ensures that the goals of safety, speed, and cost are met as best as possible. Utilizing a partner that has the necessary experience with heavy equipment appraisals is beyond essential.  Their knowledge and experience are the keys to reducing the cost of the claim and ensuring the driver and truck will be back on the road quickly and safely.  

Veritas Administrators has a dedicated and experienced team of heavy equipment appraisers ready to assist.  To learn more about our ability to partner with you on your heavy equipment claims, see our “Learn More” button, or feel free to request a phone call below. 


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